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  • R D Francis

    R D Francis

    Is a screenwriter, author, music and film journalist. His work is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and B&S About Movies.

  • milena


  • Preacher Boy

    Preacher Boy

    Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist , poet, writer. Vintage guitars, vintage typewriters, new Moleskines.

  • Corry Bazley

    Corry Bazley

  • Jim Mowat

    Jim Mowat

    Writes about rock and indie music. Long term music lover and follower of Indie-Alternative sounds, rock with an edge and a good lyric.

  • The Document Records Store

    The Document Records Store

    The largest store in the world for vintage blues, jazz, songester, boogie-woogie, spirituals, old-time country music and more. Established in 1985, the Document

  • Steven Hale

    Steven Hale

    Music: Discovering the lost and forgotten. Politics: Exposing injustice. Screenwriting: Emotional storytelling.

  • benjo kazue

    benjo kazue

    just some kinda lousy beatnik writer-slash-music-journalist / a no one from the dregs of gonzo rock ’n’ roll and philosophic fiction / https://bit.ly/2UtsUMG

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